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“Symphony in the Schools”
A joint initiative of the Gloucester Schools and the Cape Ann Symphony, this project allowed all the city’s 4th and 5th grade students to attend a performance of the symphony created especially for them. The performance was paired with background instruction on the music and composers to make this a truly rich educational experience. The Connection is proud to have been a contributor.
$1000 awarded to Louise Dello Russo, director Cape Ann Symphony

3-D Art Materials
K-12 students at all schools need to learn about and create three dimensional art. Art teachers are faced with meeting this requirement despite school buildings having very different facilities. This grant provided funds for various 3-D art materials to be evaluated during a professional development day. Results of the testing can be used to create equal opportunities to all art students regardless of their school.
$350 awarded to Nancy Higgins, GHS Art Teacher

“Peter Pan” at Beeman
Beeman’s Speech Therapist, Art Specialist and Music Specialist worked together with students to bring their own version of “Peter Pan” to audiences at the school and at the annual SeniorCare variety show. By involvement in every aspect of stage production from first read through to evaluation the students learned music, problem solving, teamwork skills and much more.
$700 awarded to Connie Richards, Jean Phillips & Ganine Montgomery, Beeman School

Performance & Storytelling Workshops
The GHS Preschool Program teaches interested and dedicated teens how to work with and educate small children. Connection funding made it possible to bring in a professional children’s entertainer to show the teens how the arts, especially storytelling and music, can be used in preschool lessons.
$600 awarded to Albina Papows, Head Teacher of the GHS Child Study Program

Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month Veteran’s school brought its students “History Unwrapped: Mrs. John Hancock - A Women’s View of the Revolution.” A live performance by an actress portraying Mrs. Hancock was enhanced by display and learning materials used throughout the school and shared with the other city elementary schools. Students learned more about both American history and about women’s roles and perspectives.
$353.50 awarded to Amy Smith, Veterans’ PTO Enrichment Coordinator

“Ponds in the Classroom”

An educational initiative of the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team taught by naturalists and educators, “Ponds in the Classroom” focuses on the ecology of vernal ponds, life cycles, amphibians and migration. This grant allowed the program, which brings live animals to the classroom, to be presented in 14 classrooms citywide.
$1,834 awarded to Jessica Kagle & Nathan Mineo, Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team

  Self-help Media
Sometimes hearing a lesson in a tough subject like algebra or trigonometry one time is just not enough. Recognizing this, Mr. Moore wanted to put lessons on video CDs so students could come back to them again and again. His vision is to create a “self-help library” for his subject and others. Connection funds were used to buy the technology equipment needed to make this possible.
$2,026 awarded to Richard F. Moore, Jr., GHS Math Teacher

“One True Voice” Poet in Residence
Local poet Anne Babson Carter visited Ms. Ware’s language arts classroom monthly January through June. She shared her work and that of others while leading students through writing exercises designed to help them find and refine their own poetic voice. The program resulted in a collection of original poetry which includes a piece from each of the 92 students.
$600 awarded to Janet P. Ware, O’Maley Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher

Guided Reading Library
First grade teacher Mrs. LaCoste has a vision of a school wide Guided Reading Book Room. It would be a resource for leveled reading materials and activities that all teachers K-5 could readily access and use. As a first step she sought funding for a guided reading library full of high interest books for beginning readers. The Connection provided the funding for this collection and hopes it will eventually grow into the resource of her vision.
$1,815.20 awarded to Kim LaCoste, West Parish 1st Grade Teacher

This award allowed a full-day visit of the traveling Mainely Stars Planetarium. Kindergartners studied the repeating cycle of day and night by observing the progression of the sun, moon and stars across the sky. 4th and 5th graders focused on the cycles of the moon and the seasons.
$320 awarded to Julianna Hood, Enrichment Coordinator, East Gloucester

Waterfront Landscapes
Twenty-four O’Maley Art students received lessons on painting landscapes from local artist Patti Sullivan. With the artist’s assitance with composition and her own bold and colorful style as an inspiration the 8th graders used acrylics to paint Gloucester Harbor.
$140 awarded to Heidi McGrath, Art Instructor, O’Maley

Topographic Map of Cape Ann

This Connection award defrayed a portion of the cost of the large scale topographic map that is a centerpiece of the new Interactive Science Park. Eight foot square, and surrounded by benches, this large, three dimensional map will allow teachers and students to explore the geography of Cape Ann and study waterways and erosion.
$1,000 awarded to Carole Sharoff, Co-President, West Parish PTO

GHS Jazz Band - The Docksiders
In appreciation for their participation in a Gloucester School Connection fund raising event $100 was donated to this talented and dedicated group of musicians.


Third annual Irving Goodman Professional Development Grant awarded.
O’Maley, West Parish and East Gloucester each receive funding

Kevin Hutchinson, O’Maley School Principal was awarded $374.50 to purchase a set of three Exploratorium Cookbooks. These exhibit construction manuals have “recipes” for building 201 interactive science learning exhibits. With these books Mr. Hutchinson and the O’Maley faculty can begin planning a future science center for the school to facilitate the teaching of science. Mr. Hutchinson’s vision includes the cooperation of Gloucester businesses, students, teachers and parents in the endeavor. The Connection looks forward to seeing the plans he “cooks up.”

James Gutstadt, West Parish School Principal was awarded $1,000 to hire a curriculum specialist to help develop a teachers’ guide and curriculum for the new Interactive Science Park. The resource, once created, will be shared systemwide to allow students and educators at all the city’s schools to make use of the Park for teaching and learning. Several Gloucester educators participated in the project as did the Boston Museum of Science.

Ellen Sibley, First Grade Teacher & Leslie Burton, Literacy Coordinator, East Gloucester Elementary were awarded $1,000 to allow educators at East Gloucester already trained in the “Fundations” phonetic reading program to train other staff at the school and to review assessment data.