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What is the Grants Program?

The Gloucester School Connection (GSC) is a volunteer run, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to secure and distribute funds for the benefit of the students in the Gloucester Public Schools. We have three different categories of grants.

1. Our primary vehicle for funds distribution is the Educational Grants Program. We actively seek proposals for innovative and creative programs and projects that will enhance student learning in all areas of curriculum. Grants requested for up to $2,000 will be considered.

2. The second type of grant is an Educational Mini-Grant. This award is for amounts up to $350. It uses a special one page application form.

3. The third type of grant is the Irving Goodman Professional Development Grant. Goodman grants are single or multiple grants totaling up to $3,000 to a teacher or group of teachers in the school system for professional or curriculum development. This includes Conferences or Workshops; Curriculum Writing; Designing and Disseminating Courses and Workshops for the benefit of teachers. Use the large Educational Grant form and check the Goodman Grant at the top of the application. Goodman Grants are now awarded throughout the school year.

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